This brief analyzes the importance of Thailand’s short-term rentals to tourism and shows how fully regulating the rental segment would benefit tourists, providers, and the state.

Tags: Tourism, Thailand, Private sector development

The twin goals of Thailand's electric vehicle (EV) strategy are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector and to become a regional leader in EV production.

Tags: Thailand, Transportation, Climate change and disaster risk management, Energy

This report considers ways to mobilize and scale up private sector investment in areas such as aquaculture and marine renewable energy to help bolster sustainable blue development.

Tags: Thailand, Environment, Sustainable Development Goals, Agriculture and food security, GFH Publications

This case study discusses Thailand's experience in the issuance of thematic bonds to build green, affordable housing for low-income residents.

Tags: Thailand, Sustainable Development Goals, Finance, GFH Publications

This flyer explains how Southeast Asian debt issuers could raise over $1 billion by 2025 through green, social, sustainable, and other labeled bonds to finance climate investments.

Tags: Finance, Climate change and disaster risk management, Thailand, ASEAN, Sustainable Development Goals, GFH Publications

This study examines the impact of feed-in tariffs on promoting investments in renewable energy in Southeast Asia.

Tags: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, Energy, Climate change and disaster risk management, Environment

The International Atomic Energy Agency is piloting the application of nuclear solutions to plastics recycling in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Tags: Environment, Technology, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sustainable Development Goals

This report reveals how to boost the subregion's development based on the countries' physical connectivity and cross-border trade, while also mapping a new corridor. 

Tags: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Regional cooperation and integration, Trade and industry

Technology can provide opportunities for people with disabilities to participate more fully in the workforce, to access education, and to lead more independent lives.

Tags: Education, Information and communications technology, ASEAN, Sustainable Development Goals, Thailand

ADB and Thailand organize training to help tourism MSMEs adopt digital technologies to analyze consumer data, market services, and boost profitability.

Tags: Tourism, Regional cooperation and integration, Sustainable Development Goals, Private sector development, Information and communications technology, Thailand