Agriculture and food security

This report highlights the need for transformative solutions that advance climate action, increase resilience, and protect hard-fought development gains.

Tags: Climate change and disaster risk management, Agriculture and food security, Social development and poverty

Women play a crucial role in the seaweed value chain, from farming and harvesting to processing and marketing.

Tags: Indonesia, Agriculture and food security, Gender and development

The project will strengthen value chains of competitive agricultural products (cassava, mangoes, cashew nuts, vegetables, and native chicken) in selected provinces.

Tags: Cambodia, Agriculture and food security, GFH Operations

This report considers ways to mobilize and scale up private sector investment in areas such as aquaculture and marine renewable energy to help bolster sustainable blue development.

Tags: Thailand, Environment, Sustainable Development Goals, Agriculture and food security, GFH Publications

With farmers and fishers organized as a cluster, like a cooperative, they are expected to have greater access to financing, resources, technologies, and markets.

Tags: Philippines, Agriculture and food security, Sustainable Development Goals

The investment will support the government’s efforts to develop sustainable aquaculture, particularly large-scale farming of barramundi and seaweed.

Tags: Agriculture and food security, Finance, Climate change and disaster risk management, Viet Nam, Environment

This report analyzes the prospects for tech startups in agriculture, the green economy, health, and education.

Tags: Indonesia, Finance, Information and communications technology, Economics, Agriculture and food security, Health, Education, Private sector development

An Indonesian nonprofit provides affordable healthcare and alternative livelihoods in West Kalimantan to encourage local communities to protect and preserve climate-critical forests.

Tags: Indonesia, Environment, Climate change and disaster risk management, Health, Information and communications technology, Finance, Agriculture and food security