This report explains how Southeast Asia can increase the manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells, batteries, and electric two-wheelers.

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Effective dispute management and avoidance will improve the infrastructure ecosystem, reduce the risk for financiers, and enhance investor confidence in new projects.

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To unlock these opportunities, however, the region needs joint action from multiple stakeholders to provide regulations, standards, manufacturing sector reforms, and other initiatives.

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The investment aims to reduce carbon emissions in high-usage applications such as last-mile cargo and passenger transport in Viet Nam.

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This report reveals strategies to help Southeast Asian countries rebuild a greener, more resilient aviation industry.

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This is an executive summary of a presentation by McKinsey & Co. at SEADS 2023 on the opportunities in renewable energy manufacturing in the region.

Tags: Energy, SEADS 2023, ASEAN, Transportation, Private sector development, Climate change and disaster risk management

Zero tariff on electric vehicles and other incentives are expected to encourage more Filipinos to opt for cleaner, greener vehicles.

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Priority projects include renewable energy, green enterprises, sustainable tourism, low-carbon transport, and high-quality agro-fisheries production.

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This study analyzes the exposure of energy and transport assets in Asia and the Pacific to climate change and earthquake hazards.

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