Zero tariff on electric vehicles and other incentives are expected to encourage more Filipinos to opt for cleaner, greener vehicles.

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Priority projects include renewable energy, green enterprises, sustainable tourism, low-carbon transport, and high-quality agro-fisheries production.

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This study analyzes the exposure of energy and transport assets in Asia and the Pacific to climate change and earthquake hazards.

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ADB study favors limiting the use of gasoline motorcycles for specific zones over subsidizing electric-powered units.

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The portal is designed as a virtual marketplace to showcase upcoming infrastructure projects in the region.

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Grievance redress mechanisms ​​​are essential for quick response to stakeholder feedback—and to make public transport equitable and safer.

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This publication highlights evidence-based approaches for advancing decarbonization across sectors.

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The assistance will support Viet Nam’s efforts to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions and expand high-tech manufacturing industries.

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The program will stimulate investments in projects that benefit air quality such as greenhouse gas reduction in energy, agriculture, transport, industrial, and urban development, among other sectors.

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New ADB study says rail project will help fill gaps in the labor market by closing the distance between job seekers and job opportunities.

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