This report examines the progress of trade facilitation in Asia–Pacific and evaluates the impact of trade facilitation initiatives on trade costs and overall trade.

Tags: Trade and industry, Environment, Transportation

This report outlines future projections of available used EV batteries in ASEAN, compares them with estimated stationary use needs for variable renewable energy sources, and provides policy implications for facilitating battery reuse.

Tags: Transportation, Environment, Climate change and disaster risk management

The twin goals of Thailand's electric vehicle (EV) strategy are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector and to become a regional leader in EV production.

Tags: Thailand, Transportation, Climate change and disaster risk management, Energy

Rich in feedstock, the region can become an important source of biofuel, which is currently in short supply.

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The region is strategically located as a gateway to the People’s Republic of China, Japan, and ASEAN markets, including the BIMP-EAGA subregion.

Tags: Philippines, Transportation, Trade and industry

Initiatives include shifting to sustainable aviation fuel and more environment-friendly transportation modes, such as electric vehicles.

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This report explores green bonds and other instruments that can help finance Indonesia's transition into a low-carbon economy.

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Shifting to a fast-charging network entails bringing down the cost of installation, improving EV infrastructure, making chargers more affordable, and standardizing charging systems. 

Tags: Transportation, Energy, Climate change and disaster risk management