With 200 million monthly users, gaming platform Roblox is fertile ground for online learning initiatives targeting those born after 2010—the planet's youngest generation.

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This working paper explores whether differentiated remedial teaching can improve the foundational numeracy skills of students in Indonesia.

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Making the labor force more diverse, inclusive, and capable of taking on green jobs is crucial for Southeast Asian nations to reach their net-zero goals by 2050.

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Technology can provide opportunities for people with disabilities to participate more fully in the workforce, to access education, and to lead more independent lives.

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The transition to a low-carbon economy needs to be consciously designed to be socially equitable and inclusive–a just transition. Moreover, the transition cannot be gender-neutral but must be gender-just.

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The potential of the metaverse to help both students and educators has yet to be explored, but ensuring teachers have the skills and the means to use this frontier technology in the classroom is a good start.

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With the rapid growth of gig platforms, governments should design policies that give credence to workers’ desire for flexibility and control.

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ADB is assisting the government in creating a more liberalized business and investment environment to encourage the private sector to grow and create more jobs.

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