When it comes to designing for heat, sustainable solutions, such as incorporating the natural environment into the design, should be paramount.

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This study examines the impact of feed-in tariffs on promoting investments in renewable energy in Southeast Asia.

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Advancing a net-zero vision for buildings and precincts will involve innovative design and management solutions.

Tags: Climate change and disaster risk management, Singapore, Environment, Sustainable Development Goals

The potential of the metaverse to help both students and educators has yet to be explored, but ensuring teachers have the skills and the means to use this frontier technology in the classroom is a good start.

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Thanks to a 2-day tech bootcamp, former supply chain industry worker musters courage to find job in the tech industry.

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This report examines how employers in Asia and the Pacific now want new hires to have higher digital skills, like digital design, data analytics, data science, machine learning, and programming.

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This report illustrates how financial technology or fintech can be leveraged to improve health systems and health outcomes.

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Interconnecting power grids in the region is a key strategy in strengthening energy security and transitioning to renewables through efficient resource sharing.

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