This case study brief shares insights from pilot projects in the Philippines on how nature-based solutions can strengthen flood risk management in cost-effective ways.

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Advancing a sustainable blue economy entails developing a globally recognized taxonomy, attracting much-needed private capital into blue projects, and generating a healthy project pipeline.

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This brief provides a better understanding of the approaches and experiences in conducting carrying capacity assessments at key coral reef ecotourism sites in Coron and El Nido. 

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Coastal and marine tourism is under threat from over-extraction, environmental degradation, climate change and other sources, including consumer behavior, warns Wouter Schalken, senior sustainable tourism specialist at ADB.

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The industry should look beyond economic aspects, writes Kevin Phun, director at the Centre for Responsible Tourism.

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Health ministers agree to work toward mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccination certificates in the region.

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Studies show continuing pandemic policy support and tapping new drivers of growth will be critical in sustaining a resilient recovery.

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Resilience means future-proofing tourism against future pandemics and other disruptions.

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Shifting from mass tourism to sustainable tourism needed to revive the travel sector.

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The 6-year tourism development plan will ensure the visitor experience is richer, deeper, more authentic, more competitive, and more Filipino.

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