Muslim international arrivals hit 110 million in 2022 and are forecast to reach 140 million this year.

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Tourism officials from Southeast Asia learn about smart tourism technologies in the Republic of Korea.

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While businesses now provide greener services and products to tourists demanding more sustainable options, much more is needed to bring down the industry's carbon footprint.

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This report reveals strategies to help Southeast Asian countries rebuild a greener, more resilient aviation industry.

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New opportunities are emerging for net-zero tourism as travelers in Asia and the Pacific now demand sustainable options and are willing to spend more to shrink their carbon footprint as well as support local communities.

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UNWTO sees visitor arrivals nearing pre-pandemic levels in some regions but notes slow recovery in Asia–Pacific.

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Ensuring the tourism sector adapts to climate change impacts could be both challenging and complicated, but industry players are already finding ways to mitigate climate impacts on their bottom line.

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ADB and Thailand organize training to help tourism MSMEs adopt digital technologies to analyze consumer data, market services, and boost profitability.

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Priority projects include renewable energy, green enterprises, sustainable tourism, low-carbon transport, and high-quality agro-fisheries production.

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This report examines the participation of women in tourism and assesses the sector's contribution to advancing gender equality and empowering women and girls. 

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