Tale of Two Islands: How West Java and Penang Stay Resilient amid Climate Change

Local government leaders flex political muscle as they lean on technology and tap green financing and other innovative approaches to bolster resilience against climate change and other disruptions.


A man in Penang tidies up his boat after a day at sea.

Understanding the Equal Distribution of Tourism's Benefits

The industry should look beyond economic aspects, writes Kevin Phun, director at the Centre for Responsible Tourism.


A tourist boat operator in Viet Nam poses for a photo.



ADB Financing Partners Mobilized $1.1 Billion for Southeast Asian Countries in 2021

The funding supported developing member countries' COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery interventions, says ADB's Partnership Report 2021.


A student attending class at a polytechnic university in Indonesia.

Seasoned Driver with Passion for Computers Turns Web Developer 

Shifting careers at any age is not for the faint of heart, but Gazali Ahmad from Singapore took the challenge at 53, armed with the skills he learned from an intensive training course on web development.



Does Indonesia’s Carbon Tax
Have the Power to Trigger a Sustainable Market Shift?

While a remarkable step for Indonesia’s climate goal, the carbon tax needs to be accompanied by sufficient renewable energy alternatives and low-emission technology for it to create incentives to reduce emissions.


Steam evaporates from drilled holes at a geothermal plant in Indonesia.

Inclusive Education in Asia: Myth or Reality?

While many Southeast Asian nations have aggressively shifted into the digital economy, when it comes to education, the advances are not reaching all places and groups at the same rate.


A student studying using a device.

5 Ways Companies Can Become More Sustainable

Encouraging staff to eat more sustainably, switching to LED lights, and using more environment-friendly printers are just among the simple ways companies can become greener.


MeshMinds staff meeting.

$3-Million Asia Seed Fund Unveiled to Fight Climate Change, Drive Sustainability

Set up by AVPN, with support from Google,org and ADB, the seed fund will finance innovative tech-driven solutions championed by nonprofit organizations in Asia Pacific.



People braving flooded streets in the Philippines after a typhoon hit the country in 2009.

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Men working at a wind farm.

The goal is to rapidly mobilize private funds as capital is not flowing at the scale required.

A man working at a container port.

As regulation tightens and social pressure increases, Refinitv takes a look at the past, the present, and the future for companies implementing ESG compliance programs.

A woman cradles her infant while queueing up for the baby's vaccination.

With the pandemic amplifying the inequalities plaguing the region, it has become more urgent to adopt inclusive solutions to build back better.


Climbers on Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Southeast Asia Sustainable Tourism Hub

With Southeast Asia’s tourism industry still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, ADB is increasing its support for investments, capacity development, and knowledge to accelerate an inclusive and sustainable recovery.




Supporting Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery in Southeast Asia cover photo.

This report proposes reforms in five key sectors to support the region's COVID-19 economic recovery and drive sustainable, broad-based growth.

Asian Development Outlook 2022: Mobilizing Taxes for Development

This report examines the economic outlook of developing Asia amid global turbulence and lingering effects of the pandemic.

A Preliminary Assessment of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership cover photo.

This brief discusses the potential benefits of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement and provides recommendations on how to maximize its potential.


Economic Recovery in ASEAN+3: New Drivers of Growth and Optimism

In this webinar co-organized by ADB SEADS and AMRO, experts examined growth drivers that can propel ASEAN+3 economies to recovery amid global headwinds.

ASEAN Economies: The Road to Recovery

Co-hosted by ADB SEADS and Refinitiv, this webinar examined ASEAN's economic outlook in the wake of the pandemic.

Curbing the Invisible Pandemic: Effective Solutions to Collectively Combat Antimicrobial Resistance

This webinar explored tools, such as the development of vaccines, new drugs, as well as a range of solutions to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

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