10 Steps to Digital Transformation for Nonprofits

The digital transformation journey consists of three elements, known as the 3Ps: people, process, and platform and technology.


A woman shuffling piles of documents.

Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch—Could Gen AI Soon Be Added to Our List of Senses?

Generative AI could become like our seventh sense—that is, a natural and unconscious extension to the way we gather information and make decisions.


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Call for Expressions of Interests: $15-Million Fund to Equip Asia's Workforce with AI Knowledge and Tools

The AI skilling initiative aims to ensure that jobs and roles presented by AI are accessible to more people in the region, specifically those from underserved communities.


A teller arranging a cash box at her work station in a bank in the Philippines.

Exploring Opportunities
for Clean Growth
in Malaysia

The Clean Growth Handbook Malaysia identifies opportunities to introduce or scale clean growth in four priority sectors—power, transport, buildings, and manufacturing.


"Petronas Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur skyline at night. Photo credit: ADB."

Unveiling the Healing Secrets of Plants through Immersive Technologies

Through gamification, personalization, and socialization, these emerging technologies can spark action among users about protecting the environment 


A scientist dropping a solution into a test tube with a plant inside.

The AI Opportunity Fund to Build
an AI-Ready Workforce
in Asia–Pacific

The fund will invest in the development of critical AI skills and build confidence among workers and job-seekers, particularly those in underserved communities across the region. 


A student and her father using a laptop in Indonesia.

Experts Talk Solutions: Annabel Lee

Podcast host Sothea Ros speaks to Annabel Lee, director of digital policy for Asia–Pacific and Japan, and ASEAN at Amazon Web Services, on the benefits of the Digital Economy Framework Agreement. 


Experts Talk: Annabel Lee, AWS

A Holistic Approach to Flood Mitigation
in the Philippines’ Summer Capital

Improving climate resilience is key to achieving Baguio's vision of becoming an inclusive and livable city.


Burnham Park in Baguio City. Photo credit: iStock/Wirestock.

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Women with their children gather for a chat in a village in Indonesia.

The Ministry of Health is rolling out reforms, including improving primary and referral care, addressing the shortage of medical specialists, and widening health access.

Burnham Park in Baguio City. Photo credit: iStock/Wirestock.

Improving climate resilience is key to achieving Baguio's vision of becoming an inclusive and livable city.

A girl trying out a VR gear for her studies.

The integration of metaverse technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence into classroom learning would help provide a more enriched learning experience.


Experts Talk Solutions

Insights and analyses on solutions, ideas, and best practices to help Southeast Asian economies become more prosperous, knowledge-based, and sustainable.

Experts Talk Solutions

SEADS 2023 Highlights


Southeast Asia Green Finance Hub
Southeast Asia Green Finance Hub

The Green Finance Hub provides crosscutting support to ADB’s developing member countries in Southeast Asia to accelerate green investments and advance innovative financing solutions in response to the region's climate, energy, and financing needs.

ASEAN Policy Network

Amid increasing demand for knowledge from developing member countries (DMCs) in Southeast Asia, ADB's ASEAN Policy Network facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration within and between its operational and central knowledge departments and seeks to build relationships with academes, think tanks, research institutions, and other partners.

INO Gj Sumatra
Climbers on Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Southeast Asia Sustainable Tourism Hub

With Southeast Asia’s tourism industry still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, ADB is increasing its support for investments, capacity development, and knowledge to accelerate an inclusive and sustainable recovery.


Smart Tourism Ecosystem Development Readiness in Southeast Asia cover.

This brief tracks how Southeast Asian countries are using smart technologies to make their tourism sectors more competitive, inclusive, and sustainable.

Measuring the Economic Impacts of a Wind Power Project in Viet Nam cover.

This brief shows how the project contributed nearly $90 million to the country’s GDP during construction, and is forecast to generate almost $14 million of annual earnings in the next 20 years.

E-Commerce for Inclusive Development: Policy Considerations cover.

This paper examines whether e-commerce has contributed to inclusive development.

Webinar Recordings

Climate Finance Landscape of Southeast Asia—Gaps, Challenges and Opportunities video preview.

This webinar examined the obstacles of the uneven adaptation-mitigation funding and the implications for the region.

Empowering Women in STEM video preview.

The webinar examined the barriers affecting women’s participation in STEM and industries relevant to STEM.

Empowering People with Disabilities through Technology video preview.

This webinar discussed the breakthroughs in technology that foster inclusivity and participation. It also looked into the role of AI and assistive technologies in dismantling barriers to accessibility.

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