Intellectual Property Rights: Key to Sustainability in Indonesia

IP rights is essential to enable innovation and diffusion of sustainable technologies, improve collaboration, and foster prosperity in developing countries.


Tired of Monotony and Hungry for Career Change, Tech Newbie Learns to Code

Thanks to a 2-day tech bootcamp, former supply chain industry worker musters courage to find job in the tech industry.




8 Artists Spearheading Southeast Asian Representation in the Digital Realm

These artists are not merely providing a platform for underrepresented groups, but are also spotlighting ethnic cultures and the socioeconomic divide in their art.


Sorryvrerror, Faceless Portraits. Photo credit: Courtesy of MixMag Asia: Pixels for Sale: 15 Trending NFT's From Asia

Inclusive Growth and Responsible Innovation for Southeast Asia

The region needs to leverage the promise of digital technologies for sustainable, equitable, and inclusive growth, says Ming Tan, founding executive director of think tank Tech for Good Institute.


An instructor at a computer class in Indonesia interacting with his students.

Why COP27 Matters to Southeast Asia

Being among the world’s most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, Southeast Asia risks seeing millions thrown back into extreme poverty due to extreme weather.


Mastercard and Grab Launch 'Small Business, Big Dreams' Program to Boost Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia

The initiative aims to digitally upskill gig economy workers and small businesses in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Viet Nam.


Vendors tend to their stall in a market in the Philippines.

Addressing the Digital Divide in ASEAN

To accelerate ASEAN's digital transition, the region needs to raise the quality of its universities and higher education institutions and be more inclusive.


Schoolkids access a smartphone while waiting for classes to start in Thailand.

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A view of a congested street in Indonesia.

Collaborations with Makassar in Indonesia, Penang in Malaysia, Tbilisi in Georgia, and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia are underway.

A farmer waters his crops.

Pursuing policy actions—from plate to planet—can help boost food and nutrition security while strengthening the sustainability of agrifood systems in the region.

A girl wearing a VR headset plays a game.

Beyond its great potential to transform the world of business, the metaverse also stands to revolutionize education, healthcare, communication, art and culture, among other fields.


INO Gj Sumatra
ASEAN Policy Network

Amid increasing demand for knowledge from developing member countries (DMCs) in Southeast Asia, ADB's ASEAN Policy Network facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration within and between its operational and central knowledge departments and seeks to build relationships with academes, think tanks, research institutions, and other partners.

Climbers on Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Southeast Asia Sustainable Tourism Hub

With Southeast Asia’s tourism industry still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, ADB is increasing its support for investments, capacity development, and knowledge to accelerate an inclusive and sustainable recovery.


Thailand’s Evolving Ecosystem Support for Technology Startups cover.

This report examines the ecosystem of support for tech startups in Thailand, the challenges facing these enterprises, and the policy actions to help them grow.

Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2022 Update

This report analyzes economic and development issues in developing countries in Asia and includes forecasts on the inflation and gross domestic product growth rates of countries throughout the region.

Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2022 cover.

This annual flagship report from ADB provides key economic, financial, social, and environmental data as well as select indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Webinar Recordings

Implementing a Green Recovery in Southeast Asia

This webinar examined how green growth opportunities can be harnessed as governments increasingly recognize the need for policy measures that focus on environmental sustainability, climate change, and disaster preparedness

Better Local Business Environments for Pandemic Recovery in Southeast Asia

This webinar from ADB examined how to build a conducive business environment that can help SMEs in Southeast Asia recover from the pandemic.

Strengthening the Agrifood System

This webinar explored factors that threaten food security in Southeast Asia and how various stakeholders can support the agriculture food system in the region.

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What is SEADS?

The Southeast Asia Development Solutions—SEADS—is a knowledge and innovation platform under the Asian Development Bank. In tandem with its partner program, the Southeast Asia Development Symposium,  SEADS aims to help crystallize thinking on relevant and critical issues in the region, and support countries in becoming prosperous, knowledge-based, and sustainable.

Sowing SEADS of Growth

Discover the latest cutting-edge breakthroughs that can help countries tackle pressing challenges.

Hear from leading minds and trailblazers from industry, technology, the public sector, and academia.

Interact with problem-solvers and next-generation thinkers from Southeast Asia and beyond.