To unlock these opportunities, however, the region needs joint action from multiple stakeholders to provide regulations, standards, manufacturing sector reforms, and other initiatives.

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Generative AI is emerging as a powerful tool to raise awareness and spark change, but as with any new technology, there should be checks and balances to ensure it provides benefits while minimizing potential harm.

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This policy brief proposes policy recommendations to ensure successful investment in cybersecurity.

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Nusantara expected to be the catalyst for greater economic distribution particularly in the eastern part of Indonesia.

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The US has put in more than $21 billion for demonstration projects to advance nuclear, clean hydrogen, carbon capture, and other technologies in the fight against climate change.

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Tourism officials from Southeast Asia learn about smart tourism technologies in the Republic of Korea.

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The investment aims to reduce carbon emissions in high-usage applications such as last-mile cargo and passenger transport in Viet Nam.

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