Private sector development

A solar power project in the city of Bavet has paved the way for private solar energy developers in Cambodia by creating a template for bankable projects.

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Ming Tan, founding executive director of the Tech for Good Institute, talks about ensuring MSMEs are part of the fight against climate change. 

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The agreement could double the size of ASEAN's digital economy by 2030 and help MSMEs and startups in the region embrace digital transformation.

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By joining the initiative, companies are essentially making a statement of intent to participate as a user, supplier, or enabler of near-zero steel production by 2030.

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Two landmark laws enacted in 2019 defined national policy to foster the growth of startups, in turn, spurring the development of the ecosystem.

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Providing equal access to affordable childcare, increasing financial and digital literacy, and targeted skilling programs are key.

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The loan will support programs that will create an enabling environment for investments, ease trade barriers, and upscale enterprises.

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At the heart of eFishery's success is a business model that leverages data from fish farms to help Indonesian farmers sell their produce better.

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Green enterprises help fight poverty by creating jobs and adopting sustainable practices.

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