Indonesia Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin talks about the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and the groundbreaking initiatives the country adopted in response. 

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Improving climate resilience is key to achieving Baguio's vision of becoming an inclusive and livable city.

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Southeast Asia advanced efforts to guide capital and funding toward sustainable activities across the region by defining green projects in the transportation and storage and construction and real estate sectors.

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This report examines the progress of trade facilitation in Asia–Pacific and evaluates the impact of trade facilitation initiatives on trade costs and overall trade.

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This report outlines future projections of available used EV batteries in ASEAN, compares them with estimated stationary use needs for variable renewable energy sources, and provides policy implications for facilitating battery reuse.

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Herry Cho, Singapore Exchange managing director and head of sustainability and sustainable finance, talks about the importance of standardizing sustainability reporting.

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With parametric insurance, payouts can be made immediately after a typhoon, making it an effective tool to fund the rapid emergency restoration of coral reefs post damage.

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Tourism ministers in Southeast Asia have endorsed a holistic and long-term strategic plan to guide the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

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Thanks to a new PCB waste destruction facility, it now has the means to handle 20 tonnes of PCB-contaminated liquid waste and 10 tonnes of solid waste daily.

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Ensuring producers are responsible for the management of products at the post-consumer stage is key to ending plastic pollution.

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