Sustainable Development Goals

This publication recaps proceedings during ADB's Southeast Asia Development Symposium 2022. It highlights the solutions adopted by governments, industry, civil society, and individuals to address challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Tags: ASEAN, Information and communications technology, Sustainable Development Goals, Tourism, Social development and poverty, Health, Climate change and disaster risk management, Environment, Urban development, COVID-19

This paper reflects on the implications of gender-based cyber violence for digital equality and economic development.

Tags: Gender and development, ASEAN, Sustainable Development Goals, Information and communications technology

This publication shares findings from a 2021 review by the provincial government of DKI Jakarta on the implementation of the SDGs.

Tags: Indonesia, COVID-19, Sustainable Development Goals

Nusantara’s plan to achieve a carbon-neutral, resource-efficient, and livable city will contribute to Indonesia’s target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2060.

Tags: Indonesia, Climate change and disaster risk management, Sustainable Development Goals, Environment, Urban development

MSMEs are the first and last mile of the economy. As such, more concerted support for MSMEs to chart a greener way forward is needed, from governments, platform companies, and new digital solutions providers.

Tags: Private sector development, MSMEs, Information and communications technology, Environment, Climate change and disaster risk management, Sustainable Development Goals

Monetary policy tightening by central banks globally and in the region, the protracted Russian invasion of Ukraine, and recurring lockdowns in the People’s Republic of China are slowing down developing Asia’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tags: Economics, COVID-19, Sustainable Development Goals, Social development and poverty

This report examines the current and potential role of digital technology in fostering the inclusion and economic empowerment of people with disabilities in Southeast Asia.

Tags: Information and communications technology, ASEAN, Sustainable Development Goals, Social development and poverty

The portal is designed as a virtual marketplace to showcase upcoming infrastructure projects in the region.

Tags: Economy, Sustainable Development Goals, Transport, Energy, Water, Trade and industry