Sustainable Development Goals

While businesses now provide greener services and products to tourists demanding more sustainable options, much more is needed to bring down the industry's carbon footprint.

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To ensure that no one is left behind, governments and employers must be mindful of existing inequalities, expand the green labor pool, and equip workers to fully contribute to the change.

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Right policy and regulatory framework and an attractive investment climate key to attracting private capital.

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The International Atomic Energy Agency is piloting the application of nuclear solutions to plastics recycling in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

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This case study examines the success story of the Philippines by diving into the key decisions made by the government and private sector in accelerating the adoption of responsible digital payments.

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This policy brief provides an interdisciplinary perspective for policymakers, financial institutions, and societal actors who are aiming to contribute to the successful implementation of JETP.

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This report uses a broad range of indicators to assess the individual and collective development progress made by ASEAN.

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Making the labor force more diverse, inclusive, and capable of taking on green jobs is crucial for Southeast Asian nations to reach their net-zero goals by 2050.

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