Sustainable Development Goals

At the heart of eFishery's success is a business model that leverages data from fish farms to help Indonesian farmers sell their produce better.

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The selected teams will be provided with $50,000 in seed funding, coaching, mentoring, and access to networks essential for bringing their innovation to scale.

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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where technology shapes industries and societies, India's G20 Presidency takes center stage in driving gender equality and economic inclusion.

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Green enterprises help fight poverty by creating jobs and adopting sustainable practices.

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Alner sells essentials, like shampoos, liquid soaps, and seasonings, in reusable bottles to wean households from goods sold in sachets.

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This entails shifting to greener farming practices, adopting the circular economy model, and protecting the well-being of farming communities.

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This report explains how Southeast Asia can increase the manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells, batteries, and electric two-wheelers.

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With 200 million monthly users, gaming platform Roblox is fertile ground for online learning initiatives targeting those born after 2010—the planet's youngest generation.

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