Southeast Asia
Green Finance Hub

The Green Finance Hub provides crosscutting support to ADB’s developing member countries in Southeast Asia to accelerate green investments and advance innovative financing solutions in response to the region's climate, energy, and financing needs.

Who We Are
Who We Are

ADB launched the Green Finance Hub (GFH) in 2018 (piloted as the Innovation Hub until 2022) to foster green and innovative finance in Southeast Asia. The GFH supports project concept development and pipeline generation, innovative finance deployment and demonstrations, and country climate investment planning. It manages all trust funds and technical assistance related to the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF).

What We Do

Addressing the needs of ADB’s developing member countries, the GFH builds green and innovative financing models, mechanisms, and capacities targeting the development of a scalable pipeline of green and bankable infrastructure projects across Southeast Asia. It provides end-to-end support to country and sector teams across five activity pillars:

  • Concept and Project Development. Develop innovative finance ideas and concepts for ADB project pipelines.
  • Knowledge and Capacity Building. Promote thought leadership and capacity-building initiatives on green and innovative finance.
  • Country Climate Advisory. Support country teams in developing climate assessments and investment plans.
  • Global Partnerships. Foster collaboration and drive synergies with development partners.
  • Green Funds Management. Accelerate green infrastructure in ASEAN through trust funds and technical assistance associated with the ACGF.



Financing and Knowledge Partners

The GFH manages the ACGF, which is owned by ASEAN governments and ADB. These are the partners we work with through the ACGF:

Special Initiatives

The Green, Social, Sustainable, and Other Labeled (GSS+) Bonds Initiative for Southeast Asia aims to deepen and accelerate the development of sustainable capital markets in the region.

Green, Social, Sustainable, and Other Labeled (GSS+) Bonds Initiative for Southeast Asia flyer cover.


The Blue Southeast Asia (SEA) Finance Hub aims to build a $300-million pipeline of bankable projects by 2024 to help Southeast Asian countries improve the sustainability of the region’s oceans and marine ecosystems.

Blue Southeast Asia (SEA) Finance Hub flyer cover.


A rendering of an electric bus to be fielded in Davao in Mindanao.

The project was the first ADB project in the Philippines to deploy an electric bus fleet at scale.

Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project

The project is ADB's first significant investment in marine fisheries and represents a milestone for its Action Plan for Healthy Oceans and Sustainable Blue Economies.

A  woman fetching water with the Bangui wind farm seen in the background.

The project seeks to increase and intensify actions to transform key sectors toward a climate-resilient and low-carbon economy.


A Road Map for Scaling Up Private Sector Financing for the Blue Economy in Thailand: Investment Report

This report considers ways to mobilize and scale up private sector investment in such areas as aquaculture and marine renewable energy to help bolster sustainable blue development.

Renewable Energy Manufacturing: Opportunities for Southeast Asia report cover.

This report explains how Southeast Asia can increase the manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells, batteries, and electric two-wheelers.

ADB Southeast Asia Green Finance Hub: Catalyzing Green and Innovative Finance

This brochure summarizes how ADB’s Green Finance Hub is helping countries in Southeast Asia leverage private sector investments to bridge the financing gap for sustainable infrastructure in the region.

Articles and News

A man working at a wind farm in the Philippines.

The goal is to rapidly mobilize private funds as capital is not flowing at the scale required.

Houses destroyed by typhoon are seen through a window.

Financing climate action was a key topic at the COP27 climate change conference in Sharm El-Sheikh. For the Philippines, on the front lines of the global climate emergency, it is a make-or-break question.

People getting off a railway train in Indonesia.

Incorporating environmental, social, and governance norms in planning and offering incentives for fundraising can help add more green projects to the pipeline.

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