The High-Level Policy Dialogue of the ASEAN Finance Ministers explored creating an ASEAN Climate Finance Policy Platform, with ADB's support, to help advance collective action in the battle against climate change.

Tags: Finance, ASEAN, Climate change and disaster risk management

Closing loopholes in the regulation of alternative accommodations would benefit the travelers, the state, and property owners.

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Tourism ministers in Southeast Asia have endorsed a holistic and long-term strategic plan to guide the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

Tags: Tourism, Environment, ASEAN

Ensuring producers are responsible for the management of products at the post-consumer stage is key to ending plastic pollution.

Tags: Environment, Sustainable Development Goals, ASEAN

ASEAN governments need to embed digital transformation strategies into broader national health plans.

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Rich in feedstock, the region can become an important source of biofuel, which is currently in short supply.

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Foreign direct investment flows to the region hit a record $224 billion in 2022.

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Ensuring pay structures are more transparent, correcting gender biases, and promoting the benefits of a diversified workplace can help bridge the gap.

Tags: Gender and development, ASEAN, Education, Sustainable Development Goals

Although 70% of ASEAN's population are internet users, the region needs to improve digital access and literacy and upgrade people's skills for genuine digital transformation.

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