Green enterprises help fight poverty by creating jobs and adopting sustainable practices.

Tags: ASEAN, Private sector development, Environment, Sustainable Development Goals

This entails shifting to greener farming practices, adopting the circular economy model, and protecting the well-being of farming communities.

Tags: ASEAN, Agriculture, Environment, Sustainable Development Goals, Climate change and disaster risk management

This report explains how Southeast Asia can increase the manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells, batteries, and electric two-wheelers.

Tags: Energy, Sustainable Development Goals, Climate change and disaster risk management, Environment, Private sector development, ASEAN, Transportation

Disruptive technologies will reshape industry, healthcare, and communications and provide urgently needed solutions to global challenges like climate change.

Tags: ASEAN, Climate change and disaster risk management, Environment, Information and communications technology, Sustainable Development Goals

Addressing the gender disparity in entrepreneurship and the green sector in ASEAN requires targeted policies and initiatives.

Tags: Gender and development, Private sector development, ASEAN, Trade and industry, Information and communications technology

This would entail significant policy change, grant of incentives, and reskilling or upskilling of the region's workforce.

Tags: SEADS 2023, ASEAN, Trade and industry, Regional cooperation and integration, Environment, Climate change and disaster risk management, Energy

This report analyzes how the pandemic has impacted investment in infrastructure in Southeast Asia and assesses how infrastructure development can help drive economic recovery and support sustainable growth.

Tags: SEADS 2023, ASEAN, Finance, COVID-19, Climate change and disaster risk management, Sustainable Development Goals

A grant-supported study is looking into the market potential of tradeable certificates and how countries can set up a regional system.

Tags: Energy, ASEAN, Environment, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines

To unlock these opportunities, however, the region needs joint action from multiple stakeholders to provide regulations, standards, manufacturing sector reforms, and other initiatives.

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The use of guarantees in blended finance transactions could help close the infrastructure financing gap in Asia.

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