Improving climate resilience is key to achieving Baguio's vision of becoming an inclusive and livable city.

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Using circularity strategies, they develop sustainable materials that substitute for traditional cement, concrete, and steel that require huge amounts of energy to produce.

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The support will help the Philippines implement its commitments to climate action under the Paris Agreement.

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The region is strategically located as a gateway to the People’s Republic of China, Japan, and ASEAN markets, including the BIMP-EAGA subregion.

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Digitizing visitor registration data and tracking the collection of environmental user fees in real-time using smart technologies could help the Island Garden City of Samal better manage tourism.

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The project seeks to increase and intensify actions to transform key sectors toward a climate-resilient and low-carbon economy.

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Two landmark laws enacted in 2019 defined national policy to foster the growth of startups, in turn, spurring the development of the ecosystem.

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The project takes into account future climate change impacts and incorporates nature-based solutions.

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With farmers and fishers organized as a cluster, like a cooperative, they are expected to have greater access to financing, resources, technologies, and markets.

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