Investing in downstream LNG infrastructure is not a step back from the region's ambitious climate objectives as long as governments continue adopting clean energy technologies

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This report explores green bonds and other instruments that can help finance Indonesia's transition into a low-carbon economy.

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This program supports Indonesia's ambitious energy sector reforms, its target of 31.89% GHG emission reduction, and its plans to reach net zero by 2060 and phase out coal generation.

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The planned Brunei Darussalam–Indonesia–Malaysia–Philippines Power Integration may be the next multilateral power trading project.

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Shifting to a fast-charging network entails bringing down the cost of installation, improving EV infrastructure, making chargers more affordable, and standardizing charging systems. 

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This report explains how Southeast Asia can increase the manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells, batteries, and electric two-wheelers.

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The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that Asia will be a global leader in wind power and will account for over 60% of all offshore wind capacity installed globally by 2050.

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This would entail significant policy change, grant of incentives, and reskilling or upskilling of the region's workforce.

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A grant-supported study is looking into the market potential of tradeable certificates and how countries can set up a regional system.

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To unlock these opportunities, however, the region needs joint action from multiple stakeholders to provide regulations, standards, manufacturing sector reforms, and other initiatives.

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