Singapore’s Ecosystem for Technology Startups and Lessons for Its Neighbors


Singapore has created a vibrant ecosystem to nurture and develop technology-based startup enterprises. It is ranked as the fourth-best startup ecosystem in Asia, according to one source, behind Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Globally it is ranked 17th. As a result, the city-state provides a good example of what comprises a supportive ecosystem and the functions of the key players.

The report analyzes the startup ecosystem in Singapore and provides recommendations for other countries. It also reviews, although in less detail, the systems in three neighboring Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia. Malaysia, and Thailand. The report focuses on four areas, agritech; greentech (also known as cleantech); edtech; and healthtech. 

It is part of the series “Ecosystems for Technology Startups in Asia and the Pacific.”


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Singapore’s Startup Ecosystem
  • Ecosystem for Selected Sectors
  • Startup Ecosystems in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand
  • Recommendations
  • Appendix: Persons Interviewed for the Study

Published June 2022.
Source: Asian Development Bank

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