Urban development

The program will stimulate investments in projects that benefit air quality such as greenhouse gas reduction in energy, agriculture, transport, industrial, and urban development, among other sectors.

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Collaborations with Makassar in Indonesia, Penang in Malaysia, Tbilisi in Georgia, and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia are underway.

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New ADB study says rail project will help fill gaps in the labor market by closing the distance between job seekers and job opportunities.

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Prioritizing "heartware" alongside hardware and software associated with technology is key in the local government's livable city plan.

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Local government leaders flex political muscle as they lean on technology and tap green financing and other innovative approaches to bolster resilience against climate change and other disruptions.

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Although technology is not a silver bullet, capitalizing on digital solutions is critical to sustainable growth.

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The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 18,900 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent a year.

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This report focuses on the practical steps cities can take to turn renewable energy systems that generate and distribute power independently into resilient infrastructure that creates benefits.

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Municipal governments should assess, enhance, and deploy their revenue streams to make their cities more sustainable.

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