Urban development

Better connectivity can provide insight and understanding in building cities so that synergies can be achieved, interventions designed, performance optimized, value created, and well-being advanced.

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As a model city, the new capital is seen to help in the transition to net zero, achieve climate resilience, and ensure economic prosperity for all.

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Adopting heat action plans, using heat-responsive building design, and deploying large scale "cool roof" programs among measures to limit exposure of the urban poor to heat stress

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Nature-based solutions, aiming to protect ecosystems such as forests, agricultural land, peatlands, mangroves and oceans while addressing societal and economic challenges, are widely accepted as the way forward.  

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Nusantara’s plan to achieve a carbon-neutral, resource-efficient, and livable city will contribute to Indonesia’s target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2060.

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Ensuring cities are livable, adopting nature-based solutions, adopting sustainable transport, and shifting to hydrogen power among initiatives seen to bolster fight against climate change.

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This report shows how the Lao PDR can leverage its regional position to boost trade, increase agriculture, and harness the power of its cities to promote inclusive and equitable growth.

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Grievance redress mechanisms ​​​are essential for quick response to stakeholder feedback—and to make public transport equitable and safer.

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