This report analyzes the health and socioeconomic well-being of older adults and recommends ways Malaysia can provide affordable care for its steadily ageing population.

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With their proven utility in existing industries, digital twins offer the potential to help organizations and society at large navigate upcoming changes to how we work and live.

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Policymakers, health and social sector planners, and ICT professionals shared lessons and best practices at a training program in Seoul.

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This report analyzes the prospects for tech startups in agriculture, the green economy, health, and education.

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An Indonesian nonprofit provides affordable healthcare and alternative livelihoods in West Kalimantan to encourage local communities to protect and preserve climate-critical forests.

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Decarbonizing the sector entails shifting to renewable energy, embracing the circular economy model, adopting net-zero healthcare, greening the pharmaceutical supply chain, and producing low-carbon pharmaceuticals.

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This working paper explains how addressing development challenges that cut across human, animal, and ecological health needs an integrated, collaborative approach involving multiple sectors, disciplines, and levels of government. 

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This report reveals strategies to help Southeast Asian countries rebuild a greener, more resilient aviation industry.

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