This publication recaps proceedings during ADB's Southeast Asia Development Symposium 2022. It highlights the solutions adopted by governments, industry, civil society, and individuals to address challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Tags: ASEAN, Information and communications technology, Sustainable Development Goals, Tourism, Social development and poverty, Health, Climate change and disaster risk management, Environment, Urban development, COVID-19

Leaders want countries to brace for headwinds from COVID-19, supply chain disruptions, food shortage, climate change, and other threats.

Tags: ASEAN, Agriculture and food security, Health, COVID-19, Information and communications technology, Trade and industry, Regional cooperation and integration, Environment, Energy

Save the Children, with partner Nepal FM Network, debunks misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines through a radio show that airs music, which inspires behavior change.

Tags: Health, COVID-19

This report illustrates how financial technology or fintech can be leveraged to improve health systems and health outcomes.

Tags: Information and communications technology, Health, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore

Using fintech can help ease the financial and health burden of individuals and help improve health systems and outcomes, says a new ADB report.

Tags: Information and communications technology, Health, Indonesia, Philippines

Raising awareness on the benefits of vaccination, funding immunization programs, and addressing infrastructure and resources gaps on vaccine roll-out urgently needed.

Tags: Health, Philippines, COVID-19

This report examines the ecosystem of support for tech startups in Thailand, the challenges facing these enterprises, and the policy actions to help them grow.

Tags: Information and communications technology, Thailand, Private sector development, SMEs, Education, Climate change and disaster risk management, Agriculture and food security, Health

This annual flagship report from ADB provides key economic, financial, social, and environmental data as well as select indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Tags: Economics, Sustainable Development Goals, Environment, Health, Finance, Governance and public sector management, Trade and industry, Social development and poverty

Understanding the experiences of users fills in gaps in implementing an app that records and reports on community nutritional status.

Tags: Information and communications technology, Health, Sustainable Development Goals, Indonesia, Social development and poverty