This working paper explains how addressing development challenges that cut across human, animal, and ecological health needs an integrated, collaborative approach involving multiple sectors, disciplines, and levels of government. 

Tags: Health, Governance and public sector management

This report reveals strategies to help Southeast Asian countries rebuild a greener, more resilient aviation industry.

Tags: Transport, ASEAN, COVID-19, Health, Tourism

A devastating methane gas explosion in a landfill in Bandung, Indonesia is a painful reminder on the need for proper solid waste management.

Tags: Indonesia, Environment, Health, Governance and public sector management

Leaders want countries to brace for headwinds from COVID-19, supply chain disruptions, food shortage, climate change, and other threats.

Tags: ASEAN, Agriculture and food security, Health, COVID-19, Information and communications technology, Trade and industry, Regional cooperation and integration, Environment, Energy

Save the Children, with partner Nepal FM Network, debunks misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines through a radio show that airs music, which inspires behavior change.

Tags: Health, COVID-19

This report illustrates how financial technology or fintech can be leveraged to improve health systems and health outcomes.

Tags: Information and communications technology, Health, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore

Using fintech can help ease the financial and health burden of individuals and help improve health systems and outcomes, says a new ADB report.

Tags: Information and communications technology, Health, Indonesia, Philippines

Raising awareness on the benefits of vaccination, funding immunization programs, and addressing infrastructure and resources gaps on vaccine roll-out urgently needed.

Tags: Health, Philippines, COVID-19