Gender and development

This guide explains the underlying concepts, sets out the importance of using relevant data, and assesses the role gender budgeting can play in developing countries.

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Women play a crucial role in the seaweed value chain, from farming and harvesting to processing and marketing.

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Ensuring pay structures are more transparent, correcting gender biases, and promoting the benefits of a diversified workplace can help bridge the gap.

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This report details a 10-point action plan to reach financial equity for women.

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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where technology shapes industries and societies, India's G20 Presidency takes center stage in driving gender equality and economic inclusion.

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Addressing the gender disparity in entrepreneurship and the green sector in ASEAN requires targeted policies and initiatives.

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This paper estimates that older people, especially older women, are doing a great deal of work caring for others. 

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Providing access to financing, business development services, and training, as well as addressing gender-based discrimination is crucial.

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To ensure that no one is left behind, governments and employers must be mindful of existing inequalities, expand the green labor pool, and equip workers to fully contribute to the change.

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