Highlights: Southeast Asia Development Symposium 2023—Imagining a Net-Zero ASEAN

Highlights: Southeast Asia Development Symposium 2023 | Imaging a Net-Zero ASEAN cover photo.

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to the impacts of climate change. Climate impacts in the region continue to grow more severe, disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities, and placing millions at risk of being thrown back into extreme poverty.

This brochure provides highlights from ADB’s Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS) 2023: Imagining a Net-Zero ASEAN event which explored how the region can ramp up efforts to decarbonize and target low-carbon growth.

It shows how speakers at the March 2023 hybrid conference emphasized why ASEAN economies should adopt a whole-of-government approach and mobilize private sector capital to help finance the net-zero shift. Speakers explained how global value chains can support green growth, outlined the benefits of renewable energy manufacturing for the region, and showcased technologies that could help provide cost-effective, innovative, and inclusive solutions.


  • SEADS 2023 Overview
  • Featured Speakers
  • The Plenaries: Imagining a Net-Zero ASEAN
  • Plenary Panel: Financing Net Zero
  • Report Launch: ASEAN and Global Value Chains: Locking in Resilience and Sustainability
  • SEADS 2023 Gallery
  • Thematic Session: Digital Innovation to Advance a Net-Zero Future
  • Thematic Session: Designing Resilient and Net-Zero Cities of Tomorrow
  • Thematic Session: Enabling Energy Transition in Southeast Asia: Mechanisms and Initiatives
  • Thematic Session: Jobs of the Future: Building Diversity into the Net-Zero Transition
  • Thematic Session: Health Sector Net-Zero Solutions—An Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight
  • Thematic Session: An Ocean of Opportunity: How a Sustainable Blue Economy Creates Pathways Toward Net Zero
  • Thematic Session: Opportunities for Transitions and Decarbonization Pathways in Southeast Asia
  • Thematic Session: Ecotourism 2.0: Navigating the Transition to Net Zero
  • Thematic Session: Meeting Sustainability and Climate Goals with the Cloud
  • SEADS 2023: A Sustainable Event
  • Organizers, Sponsors, and Partners 

Published 11 December 2023.
Source: Asian Development Bank.

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