Gender and development

This publication features extensive evidence-based examples for 13 SDGs relevant to the wide benefits of inclusive digital financial services.

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This report examines the participation of women in tourism and assesses the sector's contribution to advancing gender equality and empowering women and girls. 

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Women entrepreneurs face a range of constraints in growing their businesses, including limited access to capital, advice, and training opportunities, as well as support networks for business-related resources.

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This paper reflects on the implications of gender-based cyber violence for digital equality and economic development.

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Grievance redress mechanisms ​​​are essential for quick response to stakeholder feedback—and to make public transport equitable and safer.

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To accelerate ASEAN's digital transition, the region needs to raise the quality of its universities and higher education institutions and be more inclusive.

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Gender cannot be an afterthought if we want livable, inclusive cities, says Catherine Grant, gender equality and social inclusion expert at Ramboll.

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This report analyzes the results of a global survey–the first of its kind—of thousands of individuals aged 45–60 seeking or working in entry-level and intermediate roles, and of the employers who hire them.

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Resilience means future-proofing tourism against future pandemics and other disruptions.

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