This report uses a broad range of indicators to assess the individual and collective development progress made by ASEAN.

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This policy brief examines the importance of further integrating ASEAN's digital economy and provides policy recommendations on the provisions that should be included in the DEFA.

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Google-led study says e-commerce continues to accelerate, but travel and transport will take time to fully recover.

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While Southeast Asia should leverage on data and artificial intelligence, governments should set up safeguards to ensure these technologies promote human dignity. 

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This report explores how governments, investors, and communities can understand the opportunities promised by green economic strategy and take action to build sustainable prosperity.

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This report shows how the Lao PDR can leverage its regional position to boost trade, increase agriculture, and harness the power of its cities to promote inclusive and equitable growth.

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The portal is designed as a virtual marketplace to showcase upcoming infrastructure projects in the region.

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This publication explores how Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines can bolster cooperation in their special economic zones to spur sustainable growth.

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Since its launch in 2020, SEADS has organized three symposia and 10 webinars, while expanding its reach across social media and among users.

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