Robust domestic demand in Indonesia and the Philippines contribute to an improved outlook for this year, according to the Asian Development Bank.

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This book explores how industrial robots, automation, and AI affect international growth, trade, productivity, employment, wages, and welfare.

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This report looks at how G20 could be an effective international forum to foster a coordinated global response to establish and deliver commitments for resilient, sustainable, and inclusive growth.  

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Indonesia and the Philippines are expected to grow faster this year amid increased domestic demand as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed and borders reopen.

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Report sees green growth opportunities in productive and regenerative agriculture, sustainable urban development and transport models, and renewable energy, among others.

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Studies show continuing pandemic policy support and tapping new drivers of growth will be critical in sustaining a resilient recovery.

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The trade agreement also has the potential to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises and attract investments to the region.

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Resilience means future-proofing tourism against future pandemics and other disruptions.

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While there is no playbook on how to restart the travel engine, there are opportunities to streamline measures while respecting practical risk mitigation considerations, PATA CEO Liz Ortiguera says in a blog post.

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This op-ed from ERIA examines what G20 can do to advance digital transformation and digital trade.

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