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Hydrogen technology could play an important role as an alternative to fossil fuels and can be employed across industries, power generation, and transport.

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This publication explores how Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines can bolster cooperation in their special economic zones to spur sustainable growth.

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Solve pain points, pivot, and prepare to fail, advised up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

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Ten countries in Southeast Asia are removing restrictions on intraregional trade of medicines and other goods needed to fight COVID-19.

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The system allows traders to make a single customs transit declaration for the transport of goods across multiple ASEAN countries.

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Prioritizing the most vulnerable and a tailored approach are just among the measures needed to steer MSMEs through the COVID-19 crisis.

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The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership groups the 10 ASEAN member states and its 5 regional partners: Australia, the People’s Republic of China, Japan, Republic of Korea, and New Zealand.

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