Reuse of Electric Vehicle Batteries in ASEAN

"Reuse of Electric Vehicle Batteries in ASEAN"


In East Asia Summit (EAS) countries, recent progress in electrifying the transport sector focuses on electric vehicles (EVs) as crucial for improving urban air quality, enhancing energy security by reducing oil dependence, and mitigating climate change through coupling with low-carbon power sources.

As EV adoption grows, EAS policymakers must anticipate and establish systems for recycling waste EV batteries. While the current market lacks sufficient waste EV batteries, private companies, especially vehicle manufacturers, are initiating projects. Policymakers should formulate supportive policies balancing cost reduction and safety in reused EV battery applications.

This ERIA Research Project Report outlines future projections of available used EV batteries in ASEAN, compares them with estimated stationary use needs for variable renewable energy sources, and provides policy implications for facilitating battery reuse.


  • Chapter 1: Electric Vehicle Policies in ASEAN Countries
  • Chapter 2: Potential of Electric Vehicle Battery Reuse in ASEAN Countries
  • Chapter 3: Electric Vehicle Battery Reuse and Recycling in Europe, the United States, Japan, and China
  • Chapter 4: Reuse of Electric Vehicle Batteries: Economic Viability and Environmental Impacts
  • Chapter 5: Recycling and Reuse of Appliances Outside ASEAN
  • Chapter 6: Policy Implications

Published 28 March 2024.
Source: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia.

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