Partnership Report 2023: Climate Action, Sustainable Development

Partnership Report cover.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) saw a surge in financial support from partners in 2023, with ADB channelling $16.4 billion in cofinancing for its developing member countries, a 44% increase compared with the previous year. For every 2 out of 5 projects, ADB mobilized additional funds from a diverse source, comprising 15 bilateral and seven multilateral partners, five global funds, 29 trust funds, and a host of private sector entities.

The Partnership Report 2023: Climate Action, Sustainable Development is a digital publication by the Strategic Partnership Division that highlights the work of ADB and its partners in cofinancing development in Asia and the Pacific in the past year.

Across Southeast Asia, the report featured the following cofinanced projects, highlighting how financing partnerships are delivering concrete impacts on the ground:

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