Deploy Innovative Clean Solutions to Bolster the Fight against Climate Change


There is a need to deploy innovative clean solutions to bolster the fight against climate change, said US Department of Energy Deputy Secretary David Turk at the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) fourth Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS).

He said the United States has put in more than $21 billion for demonstration projects to advance nuclear, clean hydrogen, carbon capture, and other technologies to facilitate widespread deployment of innovative technologies in the fight against climate change. “We need to scale deployment-ready technologies at an accelerated clip. And, secondly, we need to fast-track next-generation solutions through the innovation pipeline." 

He said the government is partnering with the private sector to further accelerate these technologies for commercial liftoff. “Put together, these efforts will get next-generation solutions to the price point we need to speed deployment and decarbonization not just in the United States but around our world.” 

With the theme, "Imagining a Net-Zero ASEAN," SEADS 2023 explored measures governments, communities, and the private sector could take to progress toward carbon neutrality.