Talent, education, funding, connectedness, legal environment, and infrastructure are vital enablers for a thriving ecosystem for next-generation digital startups.

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Women entrepreneurs face a range of constraints in growing their businesses, including limited access to capital, advice, and training opportunities, as well as support networks for business-related resources.

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MSMEs are the first and last mile of the economy. As such, more concerted support for MSMEs to chart a greener way forward is needed, from governments, platform companies, and new digital solutions providers.

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Strategic foresight can help policymakers grasp a more holistic understanding of an issue, such as illustrating how technological, economic, social, environmental, and political drivers (and their interlinkages) might influence the future.

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Southeast Asia needs to leverage the promise of digital technologies for sustainable, equitable, and inclusive growth. 

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The initiative aims to digitally upskill gig economy workers and small businesses in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Viet Nam.

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This report examines the experiences of Asia’s MSMEs during the first year of the pandemic and discusses post-pandemic policy actions for MSME development.

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Understanding how local business environments affect the viability of firms is key to unlocking policy interventions that support post-pandemic recovery.

Tags: Private sector development, MSMEs, SMEs, COVID-19

This paper discusses Indonesia’s MSMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital transformation they pursue.

Tags: Information and communications technology, Indonesia, Private sector development, COVID-19, MSMEs, SMEs