This report analyzes economic and development issues in developing countries in Asia and includes forecasts on the inflation and gross domestic product growth rates of countries throughout the region.

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This annual flagship report from ADB provides key economic, financial, social, and environmental data as well as select indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Nothing less than a transformative approach is necessary to build a sustainable inclusive and prosperous future for the region.

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Regional economies cautioned against global headwinds, including trade and supply chain disruptions, prolonged unemployment, emerging variants, higher inflation, and tighter interest rates.

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The region needs to take concerted steps to mitigate challenges.

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The trade-dependent economies of Southeast Asia are forecast to grow collectively by 4.9% this year and 5.2% in 2023.

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With no clear end in sight for the pandemic, Southeast Asian countries need to work together to sustain recovery under the new normal.

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