Asian Economic Integration Report 2024: Decarbonizing Global Value Chains

Asian economic integration report 2024 cover.

Economic integration in Asia and the Pacific has grown steadily since the mid-2000s and now ranks closely to that of the European Union in terms of regional value chains and social integration.

Still, rising protectionism and the risks of global fragmentation mean cooperation through regional and subregional dialogues must deepen to help mitigate problems and find solutions that benefit all.

The report considers how deeper regional integration and greener growth can bolster trade and act as a buffer against future shocks. It looks at ways technology, carbon pricing, and trade policies can help economies tackle both supply chain vulnerability and climate change.


  • The Crucial Role of Regional Cooperation
  • Trade and Global Value Chains
  • Cross-Border Investment
  • Financial Integration
  • Movement of People
  • Theme Chapter: Decarbonizing Global Value Chains
  • Statistical Appendix

Published February 2024.
Source: Asian Development Bank.

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