Viet Nam’s Ecosystem for Technology Startups

Viet Nam’s Ecosystem for Technology Startups

Viet Nam’s startup ecosystem, while still evolving, has the basic ingredients for tech startup growth.

While there are no official figures, VN Express, a leading Vietnamese international online newspaper, estimates the total number in 2021 to be around 3,800, with four homegrown unicorns (companies worth over $1 billion): VNG, VnPay, SkyMavis, and MoMo. 

The government pays close attention to the development of startups, considering them as one of the pillars for sustainable economic growth and improving competitiveness in the context of globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In recent years, the government has aligned, guided, and implemented many laws, regulations, and programs to support startups. 

This report examines Viet Nam's tech-based startups in agriculture and health and recommends actions to overcome challenges restricting growth.


  • Executive Summary
  • The Technology Startups Ecosystem
  • Survey of Agritech and Healthtech Startups
  • Analysis and Policy Recommendations
  • Appendixes

Published July 2022.
Source: Asian Development Bank

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