Thailand’s Evolving Ecosystem Support for Technology Startups

Thailand’s Evolving Ecosystem Support for Technology Startups cover.


Thailand's startup sector began to emerge in the 2000s with clusters of small software firms. Growing organically, the startups often struggled as their founders experimented with new business models.

By the mid-2010s, the government began to realize the importance of startups and the contribution they can make to the economy. Policy makers also began to recognize that startups require a different type of support than traditional small and medium-sized enterprises.

This report assesses the current ecosystem for tech-based startups in Thailand, focusing on climate change, education, agriculture, and health. It discusses the challenges facing tech startups and provides recommendations to overcome them.


  • Executive Summary
  • Overview
  • Recent Analysis of the Ecosystem
  • Four Sectors
  • Key Ecosystem Factors That Support and Restrain Startups in Thailand
  • Future of Tech Startup in Thailand

Published September 2022.
Source: Asian Development Bank

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