Indonesia Begins Process to Get Rid
of Carcinogenic Substance

Thanks to a new PCB waste destruction facility, it now has the means to handle 20 tonnes of PCB-contaminated liquid waste and 10 tonnes of solid waste daily.


A worker checking equipment at a plant that treats PCB.

ASEAN Taxonomy Defines Sustainable Activities in Transport, Construction Sectors

Southeast Asia advanced efforts to guide capital and funding toward sustainable activities across the region by defining green projects in the transportation and storage and construction and real estate sectors.


Port of Hai Phong in Viet Nam. Photo credit: ADB.

for Inclusive Development: Time for an Open Debate

There is no overwhelming proof that e-commerce has fully realized its potential for inclusive development.


A man's hands rest on a laptop's keyboard.

ASEAN Finance Ministers Take On Pivotal Role in Climate Action 

The High-Level Policy Dialogue of the ASEAN Finance Ministers in the Lao PDR explored creating an ASEAN Climate Finance Policy Platform, with ADB's support, to help advance collective action in the battle against climate change.


Survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Nature Offers Sustainable Solutions for a Heritage City in Viet Nam

The city of Hue in central Viet Nam is looking at nature-based solutions to balance historical asset conservation and urban development as well as enhance climate resilience.


"City of Hue, Viet Nam - Imperial Citadel, a crowd of visitors at the Meridian Gate."

Singapore’s Built Environment
Traps Heat in Surprising Places

When it comes to designing for heat, sustainable solutions, such as incorporating the natural environment into the design, should be paramount.  


People walking past the iconic Merlion landmark in Singapore.

Experts Talk Solutions: Herry Cho

Podcast host Sothea Ros speaks to Herry Cho, Singapore Exchange managing director and head of sustainability and sustainable finance, on the importance of standardizing sustainability reporting.


Addressing Plastic Pollution Through Extended Producer Responsibility in Southeast Asia

Ensuring producers are responsible for the management of products at the post-consumer stage is key to ending plastic pollution.  


A man sorting wastes at a recycling facility in the Philippines.

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ADB-supported E Smart Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit Electric Ferries Project of Energy Absolute. Photo credit: ADB.

The twin goals of Thailand's electric vehicle (EV) strategy are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector and to become a regional leader in EV production.

A doctor talking to a patient during a video call while a nurse assists in person.

ASEAN governments need to embed digital transformation strategies into broader national health plans.

People walking past the iconic Merlion landmark in Singapore.

When it comes to designing for heat, sustainable solutions, such as incorporating the natural environment into the design, should be paramount.


Experts Talk Solutions

Insights and analyses on solutions, ideas, and best practices to help Southeast Asian economies become more prosperous, knowledge-based, and sustainable.

Experts Talk Solutions

SEADS 2023 Highlights


Southeast Asia Green Finance Hub
Southeast Asia Green Finance Hub

The Green Finance Hub provides crosscutting support to ADB’s developing member countries in Southeast Asia to accelerate green investments and advance innovative financing solutions in response to the region's climate, energy, and financing needs.

ASEAN Policy Network

Amid increasing demand for knowledge from developing member countries (DMCs) in Southeast Asia, ADB's ASEAN Policy Network facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration within and between its operational and central knowledge departments and seeks to build relationships with academes, think tanks, research institutions, and other partners.

INO Gj Sumatra
Climbers on Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Southeast Asia Sustainable Tourism Hub

With Southeast Asia’s tourism industry still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, ADB is increasing its support for investments, capacity development, and knowledge to accelerate an inclusive and sustainable recovery.


People and Planet: Addressing the Interlinked Challenges of Climate Change, Poverty and Hunger in Asia and the Pacific cover.

This report highlights the need for transformative solutions that advance climate action, increase resilience, and protect hard-fought development gains.

Addressing Plastic Pollution for Climate Benefits: Opportunities in the Global Plastics Treaty for Asia and the Pacific cover.

The brief looks at the plastic life cycle and analyzes disposal and waste management. It shows how ADB can help countries implement a treaty to end plastic pollution.

Budgeting gender quality practical guide cover.

This guide explains the underlying concepts, sets out the importance of using relevant data, and assesses the role gender budgeting can play in developing countries.

Webinar Recordings

Empowering People with Disabilities through Technology video preview.

This webinar discussed the breakthroughs in technology that foster inclusivity and participation and highlighted the role of artificial intelligence and assistive technologies in dismantling barriers to accessibility.

Digital Skilling

This webinar explored the importance of digital skilling for organizations and workers in the Asia–Pacific, and the types of digital skills that would allow workers to increase their economic value, and organizations to innovate.

Life-course immunization event banner.

This webinar examined the value of life-course immunization, especially for older people in Southeast Asia. It also looked at solutions to improve uptake of adult vaccination.

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