Leveraging Digital Tech for Healthcare


The COVID-19 pandemic has jolted healthcare systems around the world. Technology in health brings great opportunities for prevention, detection and response to COVID-19, but have policymakers and strategist done enough with technology to maximize efficiency and health outcomes? Experience from the pandemic potentially suggests technology may not have been used effectively enough. 

The panel, "Leveraging Digital Tech for Healthcare," explored how technology could be leveraged in the three dimensions of prevention, detection and response, including use of IT for communications and information dissemination, mobile technology for testing, interoperability of datasets for tracking, tracing, and verification, medical technology for vaccines, and how to better mitigate future outbreaks by using data visualization and artificial intelligence. 

The panel discussion was part of the inaugural Southeast Asia Development Symposium held on 21 October 2020.


  • Anit Mukherjee, Policy Fellow, Center for Global Development
  • Ankita Negi, Healthcare Industry Lead for APAC, Microsoft
  • Yit Ming Liaw, Co-Founder and CEO, Smarter Health
  • Moderator: Azusa Sato, Social Sector Specialist, ADB