Overcoming Barriers to Cloud Adoption in Public Healthcare in Asia Pacific

Overcoming Barriers to Cloud Adoption in Public Healthcare in Asia Pacific cover photo

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. To cope with the challenges of the pandemic, the industry leaned on cloud solutions for telemedicine, digital health, medical research, and clinical care. The shift raises the question whether cloud technology can also be harnessed to address healthcare issues beyond the pandemic.

This report looks at the digital healthcare landscape in the Asia Pacific and identifies enablers and barriers to cloud adoption in public healthcare in the region.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction to the Cloud
  • Key Research Findings on Cloud Adoption for Public Healthcare in 12 Asia Pacific Countries  
    • Cloud for Public Healthcare – a Readiness Framework
    • Readiness of High-Income Asia-Pacific Countries: Key Findings
    • Interview Insights: Drivers and Benefits of Cloud Adoption
    • Interview Insights: Barriers to Adoption of Cloud for Public Healthcare
  • Recommendations
  • How Can Public Healthcare Benefit from the Cloud?
    • Cloud Drives Health System Transformation Through Data-Powered Solutions
    • Healthcare Organizations Benefit from Leaner, More Strategic Operations to Offer High-Quality
    • Patient-Centered Care 
    • Patients Receive More Accessible, Personalized, High-Quality Care

Published February 2022.
Source: ACCESS Health Institute and AWS Institute 

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