Gender Security and Safety in the ASEAN Digital Economy

Gender Security and Safety in the ASEAN Digital Economy cover photo.

Gender-based cyber violence inhibits progress toward gender digital equality as it discourages women from participating in the digital economy. From the magnitude of the problem to its economic and social impacts, much remains to be understood about how women experience safety and security in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) digital economy.

This paper reflects on the implications of gender-based cyber violence for digital equality and economic development.

Overall, data are lacking on the prevalence, economic costs, and social impacts of gender-based cyber violence within ASEAN. Policy tends to focus more on measuring domestic and intimate partner violence, likely due to its designation as the main indicator for Sustainable Development Goal 5.


  • Introduction
  • Prevalence of Gender-Based Cyber Violence in the ASEAN Region
  • Implications for Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy
  • The Business/Economic Case for Eliminating Gender-Based Cyber Violence
  • National Actions on Gender-Based Cyber Violence
  • Regional and Global Frameworks and Partnerships Against Gender-Based Violence, Cyber Violence, and Cybercrimes
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

Published December 2022.
Source: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

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