Elevate Women's Social Economic Trajectory, Countries Urged



In this session at the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) third Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS), women leaders offered perspectives on the role empowered women can play in the region's recovery.

The speakers discussed actionable strategies to elevate the social economic trajectory of women in Asia and the need to shift mindset from empowering women to enabling empowered women to accelerate the work countries are doing to ensure equality and greater opportunities for women.

The session, "Enabling Empowered Women for Asia’s Sustainable Recovery," was organized by the World Women Tourism.


  • Catheryn Khoo, Gender Expert, United Nations World Tourism Organization
  • Nisha Abu Bakar, Cofounder, World Women Tourism
  • Pratima Amonkar, Area Lead, Cloud and AI Business Strategy, Microsoft Asia Pacific
  • Cherry Huang, General Manager, Global Merchant Partnership, South and Southeast Asia, Ant Group
  • Aradhana Khowala, CEO, Aptamind
  • Sumaira Isaacs, CEO, World Tourism Forum Institute
  • Prachi Thakur, Diversity Strategist, World Women Tourism

SEADS 2022, "Sustainable Solutions for Southeast Asia's Recovery," was held on 16–17 March.