Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy: Improving Access to Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership Across ASEAN


This policy brief provides evidence of the persistent digital gender divide across ASEAN and explains how it is of key importance to close this divide in order to build back better based on more inclusive digital economies during the post pandemic economic recovery. 

This calls for a region-wide policy strategy and action plan to maximize access to skills, entrepreneurship, and leadership positions for girls and women in the digital economy across ASEAN. This policy brief is based on the discussion paper “Gender Digital Equality Across ASEAN” prepared by Araba Sey for ERIA’s Strategy and Partnership Programme.


ASEAN digital gender divide
While there is a small digital gender divide in basic digital access...
Discrimination based on digital tools may be on the rise if measures are not taken
The digital gender divide is not explicitly addressed in most policy programmes across ASEAN
Policy recommendations

Published February 2021
Source: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

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