With Climate Risks Worsening, Global Investors to Target Green Investments to Future-Proof Their Portfolios


Global investors are expected to target green and low-carbon investments to reduce risk to their portfolios amid worsening climate impacts, said Climate Bonds Initiative CEO Sean Kidney at the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) fourth Southeast Asia Development Symposium. 

He stressed that there is already appetite for green investments, noting the green bond market has grown from $2 billion to $2.5 trillion over the years.

He said that investors are allocating more funds for the transition to net zero, noting special vehicles can be created to move capital where it is most needed. 

“Investors will act if we give them the opportunity of investments that meet riskier requirements and are future-proof,” said Kidney, who also underscored the importance of credit support from institutions such as the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and ADB to aid the transition.

With the theme, "Imagining a Net-Zero ASEAN," SEADS 2023 explored measures governments, communities, and the private sector could take to progress toward carbon neutrality.