Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities: Thailand 2021 Report

Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities: Thailand 2021 Report cover.

Green infrastructure has a vital role to play for Thailand to address the twin challenges of post-COVID-19 recovery and climate change. In the short term, investment in green infrastructure can accelerate the post-COVID-19 economic recovery, while creating new economic opportunities from green jobs and boosting overall national economic competitiveness and green growth.

Significant scaling-up of investment in green infrastructure—which is low-carbon and less polluting, as well as climate-resilient—is also key for Thailand to meet its climate commitments and build resilience to the impacts of climate change, as well as to achieve rapid economic development. 

This report explores green bonds and other finance instruments for climate-resilient infrastructure and investment opportunities that can support Thailand in achieving a low-carbon economy.


  • Executive Summary
  • Green Infrastructure: An Opportunity for Growth
  • Green Finance Trends and Opportunities
  • Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities in Thailand
  • Measures for Growing Green Infrastructure
  • Annexes

Published January 2022.
Source: Asian Development Bank.

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