Experts Talk Solutions Episode 1: Sean Kidney


Podcast host Sothea Ros speaks to Sean Kidney, chief executive officer and cofounder of Climate Bonds Initiative, on how Southeast Asian countries can mobilize private funds to meet their net-zero goals.

The world needs to invest $200 trillion—nearly $7 trillion a year—in new and low-carbon infrastructure, technologies, and solutions to hit net zero by 2050.

Sean Kidney, CEO and cofounder of Climate Bonds Initiative, talks about mobilizing private funds and leveraging on bonds to finance Southeast Asia's net-zero initiatives.

“The problem is not investors. Investors want to invest in green. We can place $10 trillion tomorrow in green and climate bonds. We simply don’t have a deal coming forward that qualifies. There is a lack of understanding of cooperation with the government and what investors want. It is in the education process.”