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Insights and analyses on solutions, ideas, and best practices to help Southeast Asian economies become more prosperous, knowledge-based, and sustainable.

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Photo of Experts Interview Series with Juan Magdaraog.

Episode 2: Scaling Heights with Technology: A Man's Journey of Accessibility and Inclusion

Expert: Juan Magdaraog
Podcast host Sothea Ros speaks to Juan Magdaraog, website lead for the Southeast Asia Development Solutions Knowledge and Innovation Platform (SEADS), on his journey as a person with a disability and how technology has improved his life.


Episode 1. Empowering Southeast Asia to Mobilize Private Capital for Green Investments

Expert: Sean Kidney
Podcast host Sothea Ros speaks to Sean Kidney, chief executive officer and co-founder of Climate Bonds Initiative, on how Southeast Asian countries can mobilize private funds to meet their net-zero goals. 


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