Empowering APAC's Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with Digital Skills Together

Empowering MSMEs photo cover.


In 2015, Google launched a program to help people embrace opportunities such as finding jobs, advancing careers, or growing businesses. 

The program, Grow with Google, provides free access to products, tools, and training that help people, businesses, and communities grow stronger as well as more resilient, so they can benefit more fully from the region’s digital opportunities.

In Asia Pacific, the program delivered online and offline training to 14 countries and in 10 languages, partnering with national, regional and local governments, and businesses. This includes training more than 8.5 million micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) in the Asia Pacific on digital skills to grow their business.

This brochure looks at how providing MSMEs owners with digital skills has helped grow businesses in the Asia Pacific.


  • About the Program
  • Impact in Numbers
  • MSMEs in Focus

Published July 2022.
Source: Google

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