Clean Energy Vital for Green Recovery but Challenges Remain



Renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency programs can position countries to have greater energy independence, cleaner air, and lowest cost energy systems, but past investments cast a long shadow of high greenhouse gas emissions through carbon emitting power and industrial infrastructure, said experts during the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS) 2021.

During session one of the panel, "Clean Energy Transition as an Engine for Green Recovery," experts also examined mechanisms to retire high-carbon investments to give way to renewable energy.

During the session two panel, experts provided insights on how ADB should revise its energy policy, while looking at the opportunities and challenges in the Southeast Asian energy sector.


Session 1: Power Sector Transition from Fossil to Renewables

  • Toru Kubo, Director, Southeast Asia Energy Department, Asian Development Bank
  • Michael Renner, Programme Officer and Policy Advice, IRENA
  • Casey Ho, Special Assistant to the Chairman, Prudential Insurance Growth Markets
  • Chrisnawan Anditya, Director, Various New and Renewable Energy, EBTKE, ESDM, Energy Transition Opportunities & Challenges in Indonesia
  • Sara Ahmed, Finance Advisor, Vulnerable Group of 20 Options to Transition to Clean Energy in the Philippines
  • Moderator: David Elzinga, Senior Energy Specialist, ADB

Session 2: ADB’s Energy Policy Consultation

  • Nuki Agya Utama, Executive Director, ASEAN Center for Energy
  • Anbumozhi, Senior Energy Economist, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia
  • Philip Andrews-Speed, Senior Principal Research Fellow and Head, Energy Security Division, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore
  • Conor Hickey, Research Associate and Lead, Stranded Assets and Transition Finance, Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme
  • Randi Kristiansen, Economics and Financial Analyst, IEA International Energy Agency
  • Moderator: Yongping Zhai, Chief, Energy Sector, ADB

SEADS aims to help crystallize thinking on relevant and critical issues in the region, and support countries in becoming prosperous, knowledge-based, and sustainable.

SEADS 2021, Innovation through Collaboration: Planning for an Inclusive Post-COVID-19 Recovery, was held on 17–18 March.