Asia–Pacific NGO Digital Capability Report 2023

2023 APAC NGO Digital Capability Report cover.

In the Asia–Pacific region, hundreds of billions of dollars is invested in international aid and for nongovernment organizations (NGO) to deliver services to people and regions on the ground.

However, many NGOs struggle to effectively leverage digital technology and have little capacity to undertake digital transformation. Many lack the appropriate funding and resources to invest in the technology infrastructure required for digital transformation initiatives.  

This report examines the unique digital strengths, challenges, and opportunities present for NGOs, nonprofit organizations, charities, and not-for-profits in the Asia–Pacific. It identifies training and technology priorities that can help bolster organizations' digital capabilities.

The report from Infoxchange, a not-for-profit social enterprise advocating the use of technology to address development challenges, was created to inform an upcoming webinar program that aims to help NGOs bolster their digital capabilities.  


  • Executive summary
  • Participant snapshot
  • The big picture
  • Digital landscape across the region 
  • What technology are NGOs using? 
  • Strengths across the region 
  • Technology priorities 
  • Training priorities 
  • What’s next? 

Published March 2023.
Source: Infoxchange.

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