Access to Finance for Sustainable Consumption and Production Practices by Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises in India

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Mainstreaming sustainable consumption and production is urgently needed in India. The harmful effects of unshackled economic growth in the form of pollution and adverse impacts on health and prosperity are already visible today.  

Especially in India’s industrial and urban regions, air and water pollution levels are high, and directly affect the health and life prospects of hundreds of millions of people.
This brief summarizes main findings of a desk analysis, literature review, and interviews on the access to finance of small- and medium-sized enterprises in India for sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices.  

The analysis was conducted as part of work in support of the EU SWITCH-Asia program by the SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility.


SCP in the Indian SME Sector
Financing Options
Recommendations to Development Finance Institutions

Published in 2021.
Source: SWITH-Asia   

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