Post-COP27: Building a More Climate-Resilient Asia

Post-COP27: Building a More Climate-Resilient Asia cover.

Throughout 2022, the world saw catastrophic floods in Pakistan and record-breaking droughts in South Asia. These are just a few examples of the climate impacts the world has seen at only 1.15°C above pre-industrial temperatures. However, as climate science clearly demonstrates, based on current policies, the world is heading for much higher temperatures with a 2.8°C rise predicted by the end of the century. The worst is yet to come.

While mitigation is crucial to limit further warming, ambitious and accelerated action is urgently needed to adapt to climate change impacts.

Published by Arup, in collaboration with Civic Exchange, the Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong, the Resilient Cities Network, and the World Resources Institute, this paper examines scientific climate findings, formulates appropriate policies and strategies, and facilitates capacity building to bolster Asia's climate resilience. 


  • Call for action: the built environment needs to brace for climate change
  • The latest scientific climate change insights 
  • Reflecting on COP27 
  • The Race to Resilience Asia event series
  • Perspectives
  • Additional Resources 

Published June 2023.
Source: Arup.

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