APAC Sustainability Seed Fund 2.0 Information Session #2

Organizers: AVPN
Date and time
18 December 2023
02:30 pm - 03:30 pm GMT+8

Pressing challenges like escalating sea levels, environmental imbalances, and resource depletion in the Asia and the Pacific (APAC) demand urgent action. Technology emerges as a transformative force, offering innovative avenues to address these challenges.

By leveraging the success of the first round of the APAC Sustainability Seed Fund, AVPN continues to mobilize capital into supporting climate solutions in the region. The $5-million seed fund is a catalytic initiative aimed at propelling innovative technology-led solutions that tackle the most pressing climate and sustainability challenges in the region.

With the support of and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as the strategic and outreach partner, AVPN will provide essential support to nonprofit organizations that are at the forefront of driving change through sustainable innovation.

The fund will provide a comprehensive range of support, including grant, networking opportunities, and capacity building to selected nonprofit organizations who are working in the following areas, including but not limited to:

  • Increasing access to renewable energy/decarbonization efforts;
  • Adaptation to the effects of climate change;
  • Biodiversity protection;
  • Water preservation;
  • Circular economy;
  • Air quality; and
  • Waste management.

This information session will help nonprofit organizations get started on their application to the seed fund and answer questions they may have.