The Carbon Reduction Opportunity of Moving to the Cloud for APAC


Can enterprises and public sector organizations across Asia and the Pacific reduce energy consumption by moving workloads from on-premises data center infrastructure to the cloud? 

This report from 451 Research and the AWS Institute calculates the potential reduction in energy use and carbon emissions if organizations move business applications from on-premises enterprise and public sector data centers to the cloud. Self-owned and operated IT equipment and data centers are a major source of energy use and carbon emissions for enterprises and public sector organizations.

451 Research is part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, while AWS Institute is a thought leadership and executive education program set up by Amazon to accelerate digital transformation for public sector executives.


Executive Summary 
Key Survey Findings 
The 451 Research Cloud Energy Efficiency Model 
Energy Savings from Moving Enterprise and Public Sector Workloads to Cloud Infrastructure in APAC 
Outlook and Conclusions—Directions in Energy Efficiency and Energy Policy for Carbon Reduction 
Appendix: Country Profiles—Some Differences, but Similar Conclusions 
Country Profile: Japan 
Country Profile: South Korea 
Country Profile: Singapore 
Country Profile: Australia 
Country Profile: India 
Published July 2021
Source: AWS Institute

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