Social Enterprises and Disability: Fostering Innovation, Awareness, and Social Impact in the ASEAN Region


One in every six people in Asia and the Pacific live with disability, whether it is physical, learning, cognitive or developmental, and psychosocial.

While the prevalence of certain disabilities varies among ASEAN countries, people with disability face many of the same obstacles in accessing education, decent work, social protection services, and legal support. They are also subject to disproportionately high rates of poverty, and women and girls who live with disability face additional obstacles.  

Across ASEAN, countries face many similar challenges such as inadequate legislation, unequal employment, and inadequate physical access or adapted services.

This report from the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) and social impact consultancy Impact46 examines the role of social enterprises as key actors to foster innovation, awareness, and inclusion for people with disability in the region. It brings together the perspectives of various social enterprises across ASEAN.

This study also provides policy recommendations.


Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Overview: Disability in the ASEAN Region
Chapter 2: The Role of Social Enterprises (SEs)
Chapter 3: A Framework for Action: Findings for Policymakers and Other Key Stakeholders

Published in September 2021
Source: ERIA

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