Small Economy Challenges

Organizers: Asian Development Bank
Date and time
26 February 2021
04:00 pm - 05:00 pm Manila Time

Small economies face unique development challenges due to the small size of their domestic economy, limited economic base, and high cost of connecting to regional and global markets. They also tend to have severe institutional capacity constraints and face a high level of vulnerability to economic shocks.

This webinar examined how small economies can diversify their economic base and better integrate into the regional and global economy.

The webinar was organized by the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Southeast Asia Department (SERD). The SERD Policy Talk (SPOT) features conversations on new ideas and development beyond office walls. It aims to inspire people to explore issues outside their normal area of work and encourages active interaction and debate among the participants with their varied perspectives and approaches.


  • David Freedman, Country Economist, Cambodia Resident Mission
  • Kavita Iyengar, Country Economist, Timor-Leste Resident Mission
  • Kanya Sasradipoera, Senior Trade Specialist, ADB,
  • Moderator: Thiam Hee Ng, Principal Economist, ADB

Listen here.